Monthly Archives: November 2015

Ham and Cheese Pastry Pockets

With Thanksgiving behind us, now is the time to prepare for Christmas (and finals, but I prefer to look ahead to Christmas at the moment). Thanksgiving break was marvelous. I spent several days lounging around my grandmother’s house watching movies with my family, enjoying scrumptious food, and knitting, a lot. Per tradition, my family watches […]

Williamsburg Vignettes: Another Photo Expedition

Last Sunday, I took another absurdly long walk around Colonial Williamsburg. There are so many hidden gardens and side streets to explore, so it seems that no matter how many times you go you always find yourself somewhere new. I spent quite awhile meandering about the Governor’s Palace Gardens, which seemed as if they could […]

SAT or ACT: Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils

The SAT and the ACT: they are basically the same thing, right?…Not quite. Apart from the admissions essay, this is the part of the college application students typically dread most. The whole ordeal is a drudgery, a botheration, a dehumanizing anti-individual nuisance; but they are a necessary evil. What are the differences and how do […]

Infographic of the Week #2

Another infographic to help you in your college search! Yeah!

A Collegiate Thanksgiving

The time has come to put cranberries in absolutely every dish you can think of and to give some extra attention to the best orange foods that never get enough love, pumpkins and sweet potatoes: it is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, apart from being a dream come true for foodies like myself, is also, of course, a […]

Infographic of the Week #1

I love infographics. They are too brilliant for words. If I had the patience and technical ability to make them, I might just confine all of my communication to infographics. Since infographics are so full of useful information, here is one that can help you find a school that is right for you!

Rainy Colonial Mornings

Ah! It took me so long to get these photos posted! Now, all of those lovely leaves are gone, mercilessly blown away by November gusts and men with leaf-blowers. At least I have the photos to enjoy. Williamsburg is beautiful all day, everyday, but on a drizzly fall morning it can look simply magical. Rain […]

Dorm Cooking: Pumpkin Chai Muffins

Trying to cook in a dorm is kitchen is quixotic at the best of times and absolutely absurd the rest of the time; but, somehow, it is worth trying anyway. If you have read the Series of Unfortunate Events, just think of the Baudelaires straining their pasta puttenesca with a window screen, and you will […]

Pumpkin Puree (For the Under-equipped Cook)

Rather than letting the pumpkin my parents bought me over fall break rot into a malodorous mush on my desk, I decided to put it to use in some tasty baked goods. Believe it or not, you can make your own pumpkin puree, even with nothing but and oven, a bowl, and a fork. When […]

Through the Looking Glass: Navigating College Websites

College websites are labyrinths, whether they are carefully laid out or seemingly dashed together, you will not be able to find the information you want to find where you think you should be able to find it: it is a grim truth. As someone who is rather far from deserving the title “tech savvy”, it […]