Rainy Colonial Mornings

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Ah! It took me so long to get these photos posted! Now, all of those lovely leaves are gone, mercilessly blown away by November gusts and men with leaf-blowers. At least I have the photos to enjoy.

Williamsburg is beautiful all day, everyday, but on a drizzly fall morning it can look simply magical. Rain throws a brilliant lacquer over every surface, heightening the whole world’s saturation against a hazy winter sky. It is marvelous and worth schelpping through a few puddles with an obnoxiously colorful umbrella.

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The William and Mary campus actually has glorious patches of forest scattered in between some of the main academic and residential areas. The sylvan paths make walking to class much more enjoyable. When I walked to Colonial Williamsburg on an October Sunday morning, I was the only one on the trails, so I stopped to take some photos of my favorite vignettes.

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Colonial Williamsburg is almost completely empty before 10:00 on Sunday mornings. Since I go to church in the evenings, I like to take the opportunity to enjoy a walk down Duke of Gloucester Street without the crowds. In my experience, they bring the carriages along more of the main roads at this time, probably because there are not as many people there to bother the horses.

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What a lovely cottage! The poor re-enactors are photographed all day long, but they really do add a lot to the scenes.

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Here are some charming fixtures in the Colonial gardens. Is there anywhere as quaint as Williamsburg? It is truly adorable, even in the rain. Look out for more Colonial walk photos to come!

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