Scotland or Bust: a Few Airfare Tips

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I’m going to Scotland! And there is a good chance that, if you are reading this, you are going too! Isn’t that exciting? Well, now we just need to figure out how to get there. Over Christmas break, I did a lot of research to determine what would be the most cost effective way for my mom and I to hop across the Pond, so I compiled a few things here. I certainly can’t claim to be a travel expert, so I can’t say that these options will work for everyone, but they are worth considering!

The  Student Travel Website You Have Been Waiting for Your Whole Life

Okay, I am enough of an expert to say that this one is a good option for everybody.

  • Student Universe: Student Universe is the best place to look for discounted flights for college students. It is easy to use, so you will have more time to do things besides fret over the price of airfare. Take advantage of the “flexible dates” option to compare prices within a span of a few days to see which day you can get the best price. Additionally, if your parents or family members are going over to Scotland with you, you can find discounted tickets for them on Student Universe too.

Unconventional Tips

  • Canada: Flights from Canadian airports to British airports are usually much less expensive than those flying out of the States. If can get to Toronto or another Canadian airport fairly easily and inexpensively, it could be well worth your trouble. My mom and I are flying from Toronto to London (more on that next), and we got a much better price than flights out of Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Washington D.C., or any other US city we looked at: our tickets were $303 apiece for the one way trip. Even with the addition of the trip from London to Edinburgh, it is still less than one way flights to Edinburgh from the States, which usually cost above $500.
  • London: Why fly into London? It is quite a ways south from St Andrews, so it seems counter-intuitive. However, flights from London to Edinburgh start at $33 (yes, I checked and that is even cheaper than taking the train). There is a good chance you would be able to find a cheaper flight into London than Edinburgh, because London has more and larger airports. Do note—if you decide to fly into London make sure you won’t have to switch airports to get from London to Edinburgh.

I have also been poking around at different ways of getting from Edinburgh to St Andrews, so I will share those findings sometime soon!

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