So long Scotland, see you in 2017!

While I had my back turned, or my nose buried in a book, or while I was wandering around that seaside town, my first semester at St Andrews stole away leaving a pile of notes on John Milton and an endless string of remembered laughs and cheer shared with friends over many, many cups of tea. Yet, I am so happy to be home for Christmas—for a whole month, no less! Now, will I finally give some attention to this sadly neglected blog since exams and essays are in the past? Well, I hope to. At least my absence from the blogosphere (which is a real, dictionary-acknowledged word, funnily enough) attests to the fact that I have been significantly less bored this semester than I was last year. My first semester at William and Mary, as wonderful as it was on the whole, was nevertheless a time of homesickness and shock at suddenly losing the structure of high school and the extracurricular activities with which I was so comfortable. I created this blog to fill my time and hopefully help others prepare for the transition from high school to college while sharing my own adventures. It seems ridiculous that I was less homesick and in want to ways to spend time when I moved a quarter of the way around the globe, but I did have lots of friends who were making the same move with me, and, somehow, once you become used to being far from home, the distance seems less relevant.

This year I found it much easier to get involved in a new community, so I didn’t have time to sit around and blog as much as I did last year. See, that puts a positive turn on my blogging negligence, doesn’t it? I can promise more posts over break because I already have some in the works! Check back for some posts on the American and Scottish higher education system, British culture (with a definite concentration on British food), and some travel tips! Of course, since I am at home with a much better equipped kitchen then I have in my flat/apartment on the other side, you can also expect some holiday baking posts! Anyway, before I left for a day trip to Edinburgh and then home, I did make sure to take another photo expedition around St. Andrews. This time I ventured beyond my usual route and went into golfer territory by the Old Course and West Sands. Then, I looped back to the center of town for a stroll through the cathedral grounds.

One of the iconic hotels by the Old Course

West Sands beach

West Sands

The famous opening scene from the movie Chariots of Fire was filmed on St Andrews West Sands!

the town of St Andrews, in summary

Castle Sands

A view of the historic pier

The cathedral ruins

the cathedral cemetery

Because I had a very, very early morning flight to come home, I went down to Edinburgh the day before I came home to be closer to the airport. I love Edinburgh! While there, I managed to see the Writer’s Museum on the Royal Mile, the National Gallery, and the Christmas Market. It is easy to see a lot of the city in a day because it is so compact and pedestrian friendly.

This statue of Sherlock Holmes sits near the birthplace of the character’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

street near St Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle

View of Lady Stair’s Close from a nook window of the Writers’ Museum

The National Gallery



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  1. Beautiful words and beautiful photos that made me feel like I was there with you!

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