Home: Baking and Downton Abbey

As of last Sunday night, Downton Abbey has reached its finale: it is the end of an era. I promise, no spoilers! I will just say that I was pleased with how things ended up. Now, they should release a compilation of every single line Maggie Smith delivered as Lady Violet, because her wit was the soul of the series. Here’s hoping they make follow up movies! In case you are suffering from some Downton withdrawal, check out these hilarious upstairs-downstairs cover videos! If I said that they won’t get stuck in your head, I would be lying, but I can guarantee some great laughs.

And now for something completely different: pastries. Today’s project was a little French delicacy called religieuse. These dears are choux pastry filled with pastry cream  (in this case caramel cream), topped with chocolate ganache, and stacked. Simply scrumptious, that’s what they are. The French called them religieuse because they resemble tiny nuns, which just increases their adorableness. I am certainly happy with this sweet bunch of sisters!




Isn’t food photography fun? I still plan to make an Instagram once I get a moment, so stay posted!

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