Hoppy Birthday Carrot Cake


At my graduation party, my senior year English teacher asked me what I was going to do when I had to leave my cat behind in Ohio. I just told her I didn’t want to think about it. Mittens has made winter break warm and fuzzy in spite of her ice cold heart, black as obsidian. Somehow, we still love her. I guess her cute exterior is just too charming.

Ah winter break, where have you gone? Being back for the last month has been lovely, but at least I get to retreat down to Virginia just before the temperatures drop to their Ohio bitterest, where they will remain for the next three months. Next year, I will freezing in Scotland, so I suppose I can’t become too used to temperate winters.

Since Christmas, I have been crawling my way through Bleak House (I read rather slowly, unfortunately), the wondrous dynamics of which have brought lots of giggles and saddened sighs. The author of the endnotes should be ashamed of himself for including so many spoilers! Dickens, as a master of suspense, manages to surprise nonetheless, but there are a few things I would have preferred to discover as I read…

Speaking of suspense, the chilling Sherlock holiday special The Abominable Bride was worth every minute of waiting, and you had best believe I counted those minutes. One of the things I was most curious about was how the writers would handle Molly Hooper’s role as a morgue employee under the added restraints of Victorian gender roles, but, if you’ve seen the episode, you will know that they had a very creative solution. Also, a shout out to Lestrade’s sideburns and Mycroft’s plum pudding.


Nom nom nom

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday! And so, I made this fine carrot cake ( it’s another recipe in progress, so I won’t be sharing it just yet). The ratios weren’t quite right so it took eons to bake, but it tasted great, and looked even better with some maple whipped cream, marzipan bunnies, and chocolate carrots!

untitled-9542 untitled-9548








Yesterday was also the day I was supposed to take my driver’s exam to, finally, get my license. Funny story: that didn’t happen. Did you know that if your passenger side door handle breaks off because of the frigid cold you can’t even take the test? Well, that’s the rule. With a timely repair I should be able to take the test on Friday, so wish me luck!

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