Keep Calm and Fly to London

Searching for proof that prayers are answered and dreams can come true? Just look, I made a successful souffle! Oh and tomorrow I fly off to begin my greatest adventure, that is fairly convincing evidence as well.


Excuse the crumby photo, my camera is already packed!

I have wanted to make another attempt at a souffle for awhile. Previously, I tried making souffles a couple of times, but they never rose properly; however, I have since learned that souffles rely on standard oven heating to produce the upward flow of heat needed for the air, which means that the convection setting on my oven was working against me! This time I baked it without convection and it couldn’t have come out better!

Curiously, this recipe uses olive oil instead of butter. Why make a souffle with olive oil instead of butter, you may ask. One good reason is that I love the flavor of olive oil, another is that we are completely out of butter at the moment. Thus, I found this recipe on the site for an olive oil producer, Marques de Gaudalmina. They also had recipes for olive oil ice cream, which I have always wanted to try, and honey olive oil cookies with chocolate and hazelnuts. I may end up making some olive oil themed ice cream sandwiches the next time I am home where we have our highly useful counter-top mixer, a mixer which I always miss tremendously while away at school.

Speaking of leaving for school, let’s get back to the unbelievable fact that this time tomorrow my mom and I will be on our way to London! Then, after four days touring London and one in Edinburgh we will arrive in my new home away from home, St Andrews. It still hardly seems real, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been finding all sorts of ways to distract myself from the excitement so I don’t go mad with impatience. Fortunately, there have been plenty of things that needed to be done before we go to keep me busy and sane. For now, I am eagerly awaiting our departure tomorrow and hoping I haven’t forgotten to pack anything essential!

Watch for trip photos in the next few days! Farewell to the dear old USA, Britain is on the horizon!




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