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Overseas Study: the preparation checklist

In childhood, I saw the world without even leaving my little hometown in the heart of Ohio. My mom’s work with international students and delegates visiting our area surrounded me with exchange students and Fulbright scholars who had packed their suitcases to the point of bursting and left home to enrich their educations with an […]

Application Essay Composition Guide: Part III

(In order to keep things bite-sized, this application essay composition guide will be in three parts! This is part three.) After you have gained an understanding of the function of the application essay (see part I) and considered how you should or shouldn’t approach the prompt and topic selection (see part II), you are ready […]

Applying for Scholarships

‘Tis the season for scholarship applications! No, that isn’t something to get terribly excited about… As someone who hates competition, competing for money with other students has never been one of my favorite things to do, but it is, nonetheless, a great way to pay for college! Scholarships range from less than a hundred dollars […]

College Application Timeline

Juniors and seniors, are you on track with this College Application Timeline from the College Board? Make a New Year’s resolution to get into the perfect school by being a proactive applicant.  

Infographic of the Week #6

Extra-curriculars are the greatest, here is an infographic to tell you just a few reasons why.

Infographic of the Week #4

College Applications, they are due now, like right now. This infographic is here to save the day.

What Are the Odds? Know Your Probability of Acceptance

I recently found this fine bit of advice on the William and Mary English Department’s site: My correspondent Michael Blum advises: “Decide where you want to apply. If you can, visit campuses and talk to students already in the programs you are thinking about. Then pick four schools you have about a 30% chance of […]

Infographic of the Week #3

Everything you need to know in life can be found in infographics. Not really, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?